John Winters


Human / 18 years old / Corporal / born and raised in Akhelbhen

You have been a member of the Northern Army for almost 2 years now, having joined just after your 16th birthday. The military was a pretty obvious choice for you – you’ve always been bigger, stronger and faster than pretty much everyone you grew up with. At 6’4”, you have the huge, muscular physique of a farmboy, and you love it. You also love the fact that women love it – and why not? It’s your gift to enjoy…

Your parents are merchants in the city. Dad runs a general store and mom keeps the books. You never had a lot of money growing up – and so the thing that has always set you apart has been your body and your good looks. At some deep level, you really don’t think you have much else to offer the world – and you’re 18… you’re still learning who you are.

Despite your age, you are driven to excel – and your size, strength and mostly determination – have made you the top sword-fighter in your troop. While this is not very well known, however, you have a bit of a secret fear of combat. You’ve had hundreds of hours of training, and you have bested amazing soldiers in 1-on-1 sparring matches – but you’ve never actually been in a real fight, and you’re afraid that when you are for the first time, you’ll choke.

Regardless – you’re a soldier, and you do what is asked of you. When it happens, it happens, and the will of the gods will be done.

1LT Talyss Mon
Talyss is a great Lieutenant. You used to spar with him when you were younger, and he always went easy on you, and really took the time to explain things. He’s a huge part of what’s made you the soldier you are – and you love the fact that he hand-picks you to be on his teams like this.

SGT Accipiter Dulintaure
Stuffy half-elf bitch. Hot, though…

You catch her checking you out sometimes when you’re working out and you like to mess with her – showing off a little and pretending like you don’t see her watching. She’s like – 30 or something old like that, and she’s a half-breed… She’s a damn good archer, of course – and you hear she’s a good scout, though you’ve never seen anything you’d call “impressive” – but you mostly put up with her because 1LT Mon trusts her, and that means a lot.

CPL Iridia ek’Batar
Good looking Sunian guy. Big almond eyes, permanent tan, in good shape… and looks like he has a stick shoved permanently up his ass. Talk about a drain. Oh – he’s a medic or something, too…

Cocky: What you think of as well-deserved confidence comes off as cocky or arrogant – often. You think you’re great, and you assume everyone else does, too. I mean, why should you act like you aren’t big, muscular, sexy and the best sword-fighter around? You are… it’s not like they don’t know it already…

John Winters

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