Talyss Mon


Human / 27 years old / 1st Lieutenant / has lived in Akhelbhen for 7 years

You have been a member of the Northern Army Officer Corps for almost 4 years now, having joined when you were 23. You served as an assistant to a politician before that, primarily filing paperwork and … making coffee. However, your time within the political machine allowed you to get a pretty good sense for how things really worked, and once you had put in enough civilian service time to earn a recommendation from your former boss – you joined the military, and became a 2nd Lieutenant.

Next month you are scheduled to be promoted to Captain. You’ll be taken off the line and put into a desk job again as part of your career advancement rotation. You like the field. The idea of sitting at a desk feels like a step backward, even if the pay is bigger – and so you fully intend to soak up these last few assignments as a Louie, because you don’t know when you’ll have the chance to wear anything but a ceremonial sword again.

You are a competent swordsman, proficient with the standard long sword / kite-shield combination that the Allorian military trains with, however, you are also proficient with the greatsword – and you prefer it. It’s more exotic, and with your strength, it’s a very powerful tool in your hands. Unfortunately, you’d be out of uniform if you carried one, so you don’t.

You have both formal training in leadership and a great deal of experience leading others. In your normal duties, you are administratively in charge of approximately 20 men and women, but you prefer small-units of 4-6, and you hand-picked the three others in the group.

SGT Accipiter “Piter” Dulintaure
One of the best scouts you’ve ever seen. She’s a half-elf, and it seems to be true what they say – those pointy ears really do pick up more than yours. She’s no slouch with a bow, either. While you’ve never seen her actually compete, you are certain she could out-shoot just about any other marksman in the battalion. She’s a great asset to have in any fight – though sometimes she can be a little quiet and you wish she’d open up more. Perhaps you can get to know her better on this mission…

CPL John Winters
John is a good old solid infantryman. He has a strong arm, lots of stamina and he takes as good a care of his equipment as he does of himself. Sometimes a little hot-headed, but what do you expect from a trained killer? John could probably kick your ass in a 1-on-1 fight, and that’s why you like having him next to you. If trouble shows up, there is no soldier you’d rather have on your flank or at your back.

CPL Iridia ek’Batar
A Sunian immigrant, you don’t know Corporal ek’Batar as well as the others, but he comes with high recommendations from your good friend Captain Slayde. He is a competent medic, herbalist and survivalist – though you’ve been told he is as fanatic about his religion as Sunians are known to be. Hopefully she won’t badger you and talk constantly about it.

Pet Peeve: Your full name is pronounced “Talisman” – which your parents chose to remind you of your “special destiny.” You hate it when people call you that – so you almost never use your first name.

Talyss Mon

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