W-CDR Vistelle Ihlestrielle

Commander of the Northern Armies of Alloria and overseer of the kingdom's rookeries


Wing-Commander Ihlestrielle appears to be roughly 40, and stands around 5’6" tall with straight, neatly kept, dirty blonde hair and piercing, serious blue eyes.

Always dressed impeccably, and almost always in uniform, she carries an ornate dagger with an emerald-tipped pommel strapped laterally across the small of her back, and an almost ornamental-looking matched rapier at her hip.

The seriousness in her eyes is matched by the crows-feet creases at their corners, and the increasingly noticeable smile-wrinkles encircling her mouth. Regardless, she is aging very gracefully, and still maintains an Apperance of 4, a trim, lithe figure and a sort of confident energy in her step.

Her most notable feature, upon a closer inspection, is a long, ugly-looking scar which crosses her throat almost from ear-to-ear. Clearly an incredibly painful wound which could have easily ended her life. It is well known that she is very self-conscious about it, and therefore – only the corners are generally visible, the majority of the scar continually hidden by high-collared shirts or a scarf. Regardless, her voice carries the raspy sound of a woman whose throat has taken significant damage.


Wing-Commander Ihlestrielle is a legendary war hero throughout both Alloria and the Aellian Skyguard. A Sky-Captain during the Battle of Briarville, she was clubbed out of the sky by a Troll, using a sapling as a club – who hit her gryphon in mid-flight as she made a fly-by attack. Dismounted and in the middle of hundreds of enemies, the legends claim that she immediately lept onto the troll’s back and decapitated it with her boot-knife, then proceeded to kill over 2 dozen of the enemy troops single-handedly before reinforcements could push through and get her out.

With no mount to retake the skies, the legends continue on to say that from the ground, she discovered that her own Commander had been killed – and so she took command of the Squadron, directing attacks from the top of one of the city’s towers, and keeping the rest of the Skyguard organized until the Aellian Skyguard’s ships, damaged in the initial attack, were able to rejoin the fray.

These legends have been somewhat confirmed by the fact that shortly after the Battle of Briarville, Sky-Captain Ihlestrielle was promoted to Commander, and was again promoted only 2 years later to Field-Commander during the unsettling conflict between the Allorian military and The Black Legion.

In the years following the banishment of The Black Legion, command of the majority of the military forces of Alloria were divided between Field-Commander Ihlestrielle (who took command of the Northern Armies) and F-CDR Erik Edwards (who took command of the Southern Armies). Shortly thereafter, the new rank of Wing-Commander was created by King Erickus IV, and granted to Field-Commander Ihlestrielle, making her the first military leader in the history of Alloria to hold this title; granting her full command over both the Northern Armies and the Allorian Skyguard.

W-CDR Vistelle Ihlestrielle

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