Importance: Akhelbhen is the capital city of the Kingdom of Alloria.

Population: Approximately 24,000
Country: Alloria

Race % #
Human 70% 16,800
Elf 20% 4,800
Halfling 3% 720
Gnome 3% 720
Dwarf 2% 480
Orc 1% 240
Other 1% 240

Akhelbhen became the capital city of Alloria after the fall of the Empire of the Sun, which had its established capital in the former Allorian capital city of Astrakhan.

The original name of Akhelbhen was Briarville. The city was renamed following the Battle of Briarville, and the subsequent reconstruction which was necessary as a result. King Erickus IV, then ruler of Alloria, renamed the city “Akhelbhen” (which, in Elven, means “he whom magic, duty & honor defines”) in honor of the kingdom’s newly forged alliance with Ael Llaen, the elven kingdom to the North which assisted Alloria throughout the Time of Trials.


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