Mosaa, The Judge

Domains: Balance, Justice and Truth

Mosaa holds an odd place in the hearts of many Allorians. Although he is looked upon as the arbiter of justice, and often invoked by those who are wronged (or feel they have been wronged) many fear him as well. Mosaa shows no mercy or pity to those who he finds in the wrong, and his judgements are absolute. More than one thoughtless supplicant has called upon Mosaa’s judgement and been highly dismayed when the case did not lean as far in their favor as they had assumed.

In addition to being honored by government officials engaged in legal arbitration, Mosaa is looked to by some academics—especially philosophers—as a paragon of knowledge and ultimate Truth. If asked, of course, the generally non-religious academic set will patiently explain that they see Mosaa less as a deity, and more as an ideal—as a state to be attained. (This does not stop any of them from making regular visits and donations to Mosaa’s temple, however.)

Important Holidays:


The Clock Strikes 12 Brittany