Iridia ek'Batar


Human (Sunian) / 22 years old / Corporal / has lived in Akhelbhen for 6 months

You just joined the Northern Army 6 months ago, after immigrating from the Sunlit Citadel. You are still completely blown away by culture shock. You knew that this was a land of non-believers before you came, but you didn’t realize how significant a cultural difference that would be. They don’t even seem to know who Pelara is, much less revere her, or seek her divine favor.

To the Sunian mind, Pelara, the Sun Goddess, is the bringer of life, the source of all well-being and peace, and the eternal symbol of what it means to be good, righteous, happy and healthy. Life in the Sunlit Citadel involves constant reference to and invocation of the warmth and blessings of Pelara and her mercy. To live in a land where she is virtually unknown is … strange, to say the least. But – perhaps that is why your people sometimes feel compelled to immigrate here, as you did: to share the light.

You are an herbalist and a medic. You have spent the last 8 years or so of your life, prior to coming here, as an apprentice to a master healer. As a result, you know how to do everything from set a broken bone to performing minor surgery, and can perform most such tasks even in battle-field conditions (dirty, poor equipment, etc.). You believe that it is your duty, as a man chosen by Pelara to be a healer, to take care of, protect and nurture those around you – body, mind and soul. These people are not evil – they are just uninformed, or perhaps misguided. It is best not to tell them how to change – but to be an example. This is true service.

1LT Talyss Mon
When you heard that 1LT Mon hand-selected you for his team, you were very curious, so you did your homework. Everyone you have asked says that he is an honorable, forthright man of good conscience. You are very much looking forward to learning from and serving with him.

SGT Accipiter Dulintaure
A half-elf. There are no elves in the Citadel, other than the occasional, very rare traveler. Their language and features are quite beautiful, but you know almost nothing of their culture. Perhaps you may have the opportunity to learn from this woman about her elven heritage, or even pick up a few words. She seems… distant? Perhaps if you approach her with warmth, she will blossom like a flower.

CPL John Winters
This Corporal keeps staring at CPL Dulintaure. He is a large Allorian, and somewhat attractive, but the way he keeps looking at her makes you uncomfortable. It’s like he is looking at a warm slab of steak which he is eager to devour… If you were at home, and her father saw him looking at her in this way, he would have already lost an eye. Things are different here, apparently. Nobody else seems to notice.

Serious: Life is serious to you. You tend to think, act and speak in a serious fashion about most things.

Pious: Your faith in Pelara is an inborn part of your cultural identity and an integral part of who you are. It isn’t that you are preachy, you just tend to use a lot of sun references. “The light,” “warmth,” “shining on those around us,” “as the sun crosses the sky, so must we…” and so on. In addition, your sense of morality and ethics is unyielding. You will not violate your conscience, even to save your own life.

Iridia ek'Batar

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