Alastrina, the All-Mother

Domains: Health, Protection and Nature

Alastrina is the primary deity of the Allorian Pantheon, with followers throughout the kingdom. It is believed that all of life was born in the All-Mother’s womb, is nurtured in her arms and allowed to grow from the nourishment of her love. People of all walks of life pay homage to Alastrina throughout the year, primarily to ask her blessing for a good harvest, to ask healing for the sick and to request protection from harm.

In addition to her predominant role in the Pantheon as the progenitor, Alastrina is the head of the Celestial Council, by whose administration all of the heavens and the earth are governed.

Important Holidays:

M4Q 47 & M1R 11: Renewal’s Eve / Renewal Day

Renewal’s Eve falls on the last day of Quiet every year, and is usually celebrated with family or at the temple in an evening of reflection and prayer for a good Spring harvest, a healthy family, and the lifting of the veil of Quiet’s cold.

Renewal Day falls on the first day of Renewal every year, and is a day of celebration, feasting and family. It is customary for extended families to join together for large, festive meals – displaying their trust in the goddess’ gifts in the coming season by partaking liberally from their Quiet stores.

M1B 11: Festival of Good Harvest

The Festival of Good Harvest falls on the first day of Browning every year, and marks the completion of the yearly harvest. As Growth comes to an end, farmers have brought in their crops, and communities (especially farming communities) generally throw a large potluck style festival, in which families make liberal meals from their own produce and share freely with the community.


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