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Welcome to Alloria, and the capital city of Akhelbhen.

The Clock Strikes 12 is a fantasy adventure campaign by Troy Alford, and is based on his own source material. The current gaming group is based out of San Diego, CA, and we are always looking for new players – especially those who are excited by epic story, character development, puzzle-solving and social interactions.

If you are interested in more information about potentially playing, please contact Troy via e-mail at troy@troyalford.com and he’ll be happy to send you some!

Campaign Play Dates

Earth Date Campaign Date Adventure Log
2011-07-31 3A 714 M2G 41 The King’s Road Incident
2011-08-14 3A 714 M2G 44 Dark Clouds
2011-08-28 3A 714 M2G 46 Rituals & Rhetoric

Home Page

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