Sacking of Briarville

The following is an exerpt from “History of Alloria, Vol. 7” by Bartlesby Whitcomb:

On 3A 694 M2Q 14, the historical city of Briarville was sacked and razed in an unprecedented attack at the hands of an unconfirmed assailant. While the histories of Mercer and Robbins seem to assume that this event occurred at the hands of the Empire of the Sun, under the orders of Emperor Phaedreon, some historians (most notably myself and one Wilhelmina Viceroy) maintain that there is sufficient evidence to indicate the presence of an army comprised (at least in part) of Orcs and Trolls.

On 3A 710 M1B 11, the office of the Chancellor of Allorian Defense (then Chancellor Argyle Wilhelm) issued an official statement on the subject, which has become the standard under which Mercer and Robbins assert their claims. To quote the statement:

‘The event known commonly as the Sacking of Briarville, which occurred on 3A 694 M2Q 14 was committed at the order of Emperor Phaedreon via the office of the Chancellor of Allorian Defense.’

The most notable point of this statement is the claim of the office, however, which was not actually created until 3A 696 M1Q 11. Additionally, this statement makes no response to the claims of several self-proclaimed survivors of the event itself (all of whom are, at the time of this writing, believed to be deceased), all of whom claimed until their deaths that the event occurred at the hands of an Orcish Batallion.

Sacking of Briarville

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